Our Hansard-trained meeting reporters produce a high-quality record of proceedings — as quickly as you need it. Whether we attend and record ourselves or transcribe from your recordings, you receive a no-fuss, professional service and a record that reflects well on your organisation. We report high-level meetings such as parliamentary proceedings, summits and ministerial councils, as well as large conferences. We can transcribe from most types of audio-recording.


  • Verbatim transcription
  • Hansard-style verbatim (rendered in sound sentences, quotes checked, obvious repetition removed)
  • Précis (summary in third person, with emphasis on clarity and conciseness)
  • Minutes plus (action minutes plus short summary of discussion)
  • Minutes (action minutes only—agenda items and decisions noted without discussion)
  • Conference publications (with table of contents, indexing and binding as required)


  • Standard (five working days)
  • Expedited verbatim (24-hour turnaround)
  • Real-time verbatim (transcript available within 1½ hours of close of meeting)